The List - October 28


It seems that Dubai has really bounced back from summer, Ramadan, and the global meltdown. There are so many things happening this week and weekend it’s hard to choose!

This week I’ve got tips on places worth checking out as well as suggestions for what to do if you’re stuck at home.

In Dubai…

Where to eat in Oud Metha: try the ‘back a yard’ chicken at Blue Fields, a new Caribbean restaurant next to Enoc House near Lamcy Plaza Tel. 04 3357377 highly recommended by @wildpeeta

Where to eat in Deira: Bait al Mandi on Muraqabat St. in Deira serves up the delicious Yemeni dish mandi with perfectly piquant salsa. I prefer the chicken mandi, smother it with yogurt and salsa and wash it down with a “bebsi” (if they had Coke it would be the perfect meal) 04-2629139

What to read- local: The fabulous Louise Foster took over the helm of Harper’s Bazaar Dubai, sister publication to a well-known American fashion magazine that was first published in 1867, just a few months ago and added a noticeable new energy to the publication. The BeyoncĂ© Cover in October was gorgeous. Keep your eyes open for yours truly in an upcoming issue.

What to read- local: Rex men’s online magazine is handsome, witty, charming, almost perfect… The Rex boys have a good eye for style and a great sense of humor. Now all they need is a clever advice column

What to mall- Dubai Mall: Candylicious 10,000 square feet of every color, flavor, and texture of crack- ahem, I mean sugar- you could ever dream of. Don’t miss Pixie Stix and Peanutbutter M&Ms

What to weekend: Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi of course…

if that’s not your thing… what to weekend: Dubai Fashion Week Grande Finale at the Intercon Festival City on Thursday night.

and if that’s not your thing…what to weekend: it’s Halloween on Saturday. Find a party and think of something clever for your costume. ***Please note- clever does not mean dressing up like a whore*** Be creative. I always like pop cultural references- get a wig and do Kim Gosselin, buy a bunch 8 baby dolls and be OctoMom, or grow a beard and dig up a nice windbreaker and be Ahmadinejad

or do all of the above, as I am sure many of you will!

Get your groove on: check out the new Wednesday House night at Sho Chos. The weather is amazing these days so book an early table for dinner and stay for the evening.

What to culture: The Scene Club is screening “Iran: The Hundred Year War on Thursday the 29th. The Scene Club' is the UAE's first official film club and showcases a non-commercial feature film every month followed by a post-event Q&A session with the director, audience, and media. All for FREE.99 peeps!

And around the globe…

Who to follow on Twitter: urlesque combs the web searching for the funniest web videos & photos, cool websites, and internet trends and brings them all to you on your Twitter page.

WTF?: Handerpants- underpants for your hands…. Apparently there are “ hundreds of uses”: Girly Stuff, Social Networking, Construction, Texting, on your motorcycle!, the elderly, Night Blogging (FYI- I am not a "night blogger")


What to read: Going Rogue- An American Life by Sarah Palin.

PSYCHE!! Please don’t. Even 432 pages is too much for a good party trick.

Actually you should read: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak because the book is 10 brilliant sentences and the new movie based on the book is not worth the $9 ticket. And then read In the Night Kitchen, also by Sendak, which is one of my all time favorites.

How to save the Earth: Stop idling. Ok, ok, it’s tempting in the summer in Dubai to leave your car running when you run into the pharmacy, but every moment you spend idling your car's engine means time spent needlessly wasting gasoline, as well as rougher wear on your vehicle.

What to do if you break your foot and have trouble getting around: learn to do something on Youtube. Youtube is a treasure trove of information; you can learn how to do anything on there! Some of my favorites are: super sexy smoky eyes from Makeup Geek TV, Special Forces Combatives- Knife Fighting How To’s, and How to Make Risotto


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