The List- November 19

It’s been a whirlwind week again. My cast came off Monday so I ventured out a bit, although I’m still a little gimpy on my left foot.
Participated in the Dubai Cool Twitter Conference, which was a really nice event.

It’s a short list this week, so much to do this weekend. Enjoy the weather and this week’s list.

In Dubai…

Where to eat Sharjah:
Samakmak I know, I know Sharjah… but this is authentic Alexandrian seafood joint is well worth the drive. And comes highly recommended by @omaralfi, my dining companion. He recommends the grilled butterfly shrimp.

What to mall-Dubai Mall:
Dubai Mall is not only big, it’s just plain cool. They offered me a wheelchair for the day so I wouldn’t have to crutch through the mall, so sweet. Regress and hit up Sega Republic and Candylicious. And Dubai Mall is on Twitter, let em’ know when you’re in the mall @dubaimallnews

Get your swing on:
the course is beautiful and tickets are free, get down to the Dubai World Championship this weekend and enjoy the weather and the best golfers in the game. I’ll let you in on a little secret too: best spot on the course is at the 17th hole in the Après tent, get there early.

What to culture: Abu Dhabi Art 19-22 November at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has been bringin’ it lately. Time to take a drive (the pastries at Emirates Palace Lobby Café alone are worth the drive!)@Abu_Dhabi_Art

What to get excited about: Global Village is opening in 3 days!!! Woohooo!!!!! And Dubai International Film Festival is coming soon. Friend them on facebook and follow them on Twitter, there are some amazing films in the lineup. @diff2009

And around the globe…

Who to follow on Twitter: @BoingBoing Cool geeky humor and news

Laughternoon break: Ok, it’s maybe more of a chuckle this week. The Top 5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples. If that isn’t enough for you this site is always good for a laugh.

WTF?: New Moon fashion

What to read: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It is over 900 pages, but I couldn’t put it down when I read it. Amazing story, beautiful writing, you’ll love it.

Get ready for Thanksgiving: in this article Mark Bittman gives you 101 head starts on the most delicious holiday of the year : )


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