And we're back! The List - May 12

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Wow, has it really been that long that I've left you all in the lurch without a guide for what to do in Dubai?!
Well, I’ve been on sabbatical for the past 4 months, globe trotting & cool hunting. Forgive me for abandoning you dear readers.

There has been plenty happening in Dubai, however, and I've run into quite a few of you during my hiatus. It was good to hear that you missed the lists. So, I’m back in the groove and full of recommendations for the 'what to', 'where to', and 'how to' of Dubai and other locales.

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In Dubai…

Where to eat – (Safa Park/Al Quoz):
Afghan Khorasan Kebab came highly recommended by my friends & dining partners @OmarAlfi and Reem and is now one of my favorite spots in Dubai. Order the Afghan kebab and the Mutton Kadai and they’ll bring you soup, bread, rice and salad to go along with it. You will leave fat and happy guaranteed. (Just across from the bowling alley on your way towards Meydan)

Be cool: Order a Bateel Date Shake. Time Out this week has a run down of the best milkshakes in Dubai, however, being a milkshake connoisseuse myself, I found one major omission from their list- the thick and creamy date shake at Bateel Café is to die for. As is heats up outside enjoy the last few afternoons outside on their patio in DIFC and indulge in one of these cool treats.

What to mall- Festival City:
This mall is easier to get to than you think, just hop on the Business Bay bridge and you’re there. The cinema in the mall is nice and clean, the selection in popular stores such as Forever 21 is particularly good, and if you are looking for home stuff this is the place to go with IKEA, Ace Hardware and plenty of other little shops to choose from. The mall is also full of great cafés and restaurants. I like the high-back chairs at Crème De La Crème for sneaky little rendez-vous. Dubai is a very small town after all…

Where to watch:
I’m not sure how much longer Movies Under the Stars at Wafi will last, but for now, every Sunday night they hold a FREE screening of a themed double feature (last week was Sean Penn week). Settle in to one of the giant beanbags and take in a movie or two al fresco. Check TimeOut Dubai for listings

What to watch:
Go see City of Life if you haven’t already. Directed by local filmmaker Ali Mostafa the movie takes place in Dubai. It tells 3 stories of typical Dubai experiences, but ones you may not have heard. It’s a great film for the UAE’s first feature. I recommend the cinemas at Ibn Battuta and Festival City, they are generally cleaner, have better sound than MOE, and the serve crepes.

Night at the Opera: Art Sawa is a gem of place in Al Quoz offering all kinds of cultural events and art exhibits. This month they are screening full-length operas. Enjoy Donizetti’ delightful romantic comedy – L’elisir d’Amore featuring Battle, Pavarotti & Pons Sunday 16th May 8:00 pm . Admission is only Dhs25.

What to weekend- Thursday:
It’s crowded & smoky, and has a flow problem like C Bar, but One on One in the Monarch is HOT HOT HOT. Booking a table is a must if you want to really enjoy this place, but the music (mostly 90s RnB) is the most groove-worthy I’ve heard in town since Boudoir raised the roof on Wednesdays back when we had Thursday-Friday weekends. 04 501 8888

Wet n Wild:
Ladies, ever wanted to let loose at Wild Wadi and not have to worry about losing your top on the Jumeirah Sceirah or fending off perverts in the wave pool? Thursday nights from now until August are Ladies Nights at Wild Wadi. Dhs 165 admission. Grab the girls and have some fun.

What to read:
Join the TwitBookClub, they meet the 3rd Saturday of every month at The Shelter in Al Quoz. This month they’re reading one of my personal favorites Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, as well as 3 other great books. Check them out online or follow the conversation on Twitter by looking for #TwitBookClub

Guilty Pleasure: I love, love, love the blog
Red Velvet Nation written by the extremely witty Dipesh Depala. He comments on the ‘goings on’ of the social set in Dubai with a focus on style. Of course I may be a little biased, seeing as yours truly made the RVN’s Top 20 Most Stylish Women in Dubai list…

And around the globe…

Who to follow on Twitter:
@paulocoelho Brazillian writer Paulo Coehlo shares inspiring pearls of wisdom on Twitter such as “Intense life is not complete without a touch of madness” and is quite interactive with his followers. Thanks to @tomgara for this recommendation.

WTF?: Who hasn’t South Park made fun of? Well, now they’ve now gone after my peeps: gingers! When I was growing up, we were just called redheads; but like Russell Brand, this British export seems to have snuck in and taken hold of otherwise unsuspecting Americans. The South Park declaration that Gingers have no souls lead to a response video by a very angry youngster, which of course had to be followed up by a South Park parody of his YouTube video. Very funny stuff. But then take a look at the video by visionary director Romain Gavras made for M.I.A.'s 'Born Free,' which depicts men in police uniforms dragging gingers from their homes. Is there a larger, more nefarious conspiracy forming against us? via @urlsesque

Take a laughternoon break:
“Mormon livers are expensive” and “does your virginity grow back” are just some of the current posts on this hilarious site that show screen grabs of autocomplete suggestions given by Google for various web searches.

What to read:
the Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. Yes, I'm talking about the original classic. Read it in French if you can, but the English version is just as fun. You can pick it up in the classics section of any book store for around $5. Modern authors just aren’t as good story tellers, this book is so fun to read and full of drama and intrigue.

How to save the Earth (and yourself): You wouldn’t think shampoo could be so dangerous, but in a review last year of 413 shampoos, it found that 11% of products contained a known probable or possible carcinogen (including selenium sulfide and coal tar, found in some dandruff shampoos), 17% had ingredients that may be linked to breast cancer, and 82% had ingredients believed to help carcinogens penetrate the scalp (including EDTA, propylene glycol, urea, and PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate). NASTY! Take a break from the dangerous chemicals lurking in your bottle of Kérastase and try all natural olive oil soap and a vinegar rinse. I brought a bunch of this soap back from Syria and I follow up a wash with a rinse of ½ liter of water + 4 capfulls of Apple Cider Vinegar. Your hair will be clean and shiny and free of build up. You won’t event need conditioner. Try it.

What to podcast: offers FREE podcasts from (IMHO) the best yoga teacher in North American, Jason Crandell, on iTunes. The 20 minute podcasts focus on specific areas of the body such as hip openers, arm strength, or Sun Salutations. Indulge in a little yoga every day, it will change your life.


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