The List- May 28

What to local paper (English): wknd. who woulda thought you'd want to read Khaleej Times without being paid to do it (PR peeps-can I get a witness?) pick up a copy this weekend. Trust me- great writers, interesting articles, lovely layout.

What to local paper (Arabic): Emarat Al Youm Seriously, do not miss the crime roundup (print version is best). Check out the pictures of criminals who got busted posed pathetically with their contraband. Have an Arabic speaker translate it for you. Bet you'll think twice before attempting to pull off a heist with your buddies from the cricket pitch.

What to Karama: flourescent Suzanis. I found one randonmly piled on top of a bunch of pashminas. Uber-ethnic-uber coolness. Pssst- I gotta guy. Ali at Walily Novelties & Gifts U-Block in the Karama Shopping Complex 04-3378582. Tell him Lulu sent you and he'll give you "best price"

What to drive all the way to Ibn Battuta Mall for: Napoli Gelato in Egypt Court- the Belgian Biscuit flavor is TO DIE FOR...!

What to drink: WATER and plenty of it. It's getting H.O.T.

What to late night eats: Chalet in Umm Suqeim. I am notoriously "anti" restaurants that offer more than one type of cuisine (like Teatro or Spectrum on One - gag) BUT this place rocks. The lamb chops are delicious and don't miss the Sheikh's Shake-date flavored milkshake. Open til 1:30am in Umm Suqeim on Jumeirah Beach Road just past Al Manara Road on the beach side 04 348 7557

Don’t bother: Spectrum on One at the Fairmont Hotel. If a guy takes you there on the first date, don't even bother with a second date. So contrived! It's a deal breaker in my book.

Laughternoon break: Inappropriate wedding songs

Who to follow on Twitter: urlesque- exposing the hidden gems of the web so you don't have to spend all day doing it yourself.

What to web-voyeur: Post Secret what is your secret?

WTF???: another wacky Japanese invention
What to rub: wash with joe - myriad benefits from vascoconstriction to UV protection. the second best way to improve your morning shower.

What to give the girl who has everything: "The One Hundred" Nina Garcia's guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own. She'll feel better knowing she has all of it.

What to give the guy who has everything: USB keyboard vacuum What the hell else are you gonna get him?

How to get all that good stuff: Aramex Shop & Ship save 50% until June 19 on a lifetime membership for a US & UK mail box.

What to read: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell asks the provocative question in Outliers: why do some people succeed, living remarkably productive and impactful lives, while so many more never reach their potential? Available in paperback at Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall

Weekend anthem: I Will Follow by U2. The opening track of U2's debut album "Boy". Rock out dude.

What to TV: Meerkat Mannor drama in the animal world

What to answer -“Do you want anything from Nepal?”: Khah! Ju! Ah! handmade yak yarn slippers please. The AC is starting to crank up, trust me they'll come in handy.


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