The List- June 24


Sorry for the long absence, I was traveling for the wedding of my gorgeous friend AL in the English countryside. It was quite the affair, she should go into the wedding planning business.

I didn't make preparations for mobile-blogging so please excuse the unexpected hiatus.

So now back in sunny Dubai with a list ful of what to's.


In Dubai:

What to Wednesday night: lecture at Art Sawa about the life, work and influence of avant-garde American composer John Cage 7.30 PM to 9.00 PM 100AED

What to Thursday (or Friday) night: Dive-In Movie Nights at The Montgomerie Golf Club. Watch movies under the stars from your own floatie Dh45 reservations a must 043905600

What to Saturday night: The uber-cool Japanese restaurant from Bahrain Mirai has opened in Souk Al Bahar. The only place in Dubai you can get Dom Perignon by the glass, besides Burj Al Arab. Call for reservations 04 439 7333 (thanks for the heads up Daisy O.)

What to Mall - MOE: grab a buddy and some Napoli gelato located on Level 1 next to the lifts by Ski Dubai and then grab a bench in the center outside of Harvey Nic's and people watch. Try to guess where people are from by how they dress and walk, you'll pass a good hour

What to Mall- Ibn Battuta: Extreme Roller Rink is open from 1pm every day in India Court and Transformers 2 opens in the UAE tomorrow and is playing on the IMAX at Grand Megaplex!

What to Eco: pick up a twin pack of Illume energy efficient bulbs for a measly 10AED. The eco-conscious bulbs consume about 1/5 of the power of incandescent bulbs, last 10 times longer and emit 70% less heat, leading to less power usage for air-conditioning - an especially attractive characteristic during the coming summer months. Available at all LuLu Outlets, Sharaf DG Stores, Union Co-op Stores

What to sweat for: my favorite fitness studio is offering a great fitness package that includes yoga, Pilates, and cardio classes for just 400AED call for more details 044243777

On your way out of Dubai:

What to DutyFree: Pick up a pair of noise cancellation headphones and you can start enjoying ICE the minute you board the plane.

What to pick up as a last minute souvenir in DXB: yummy Bateel dates for 29AED a pack in a pretty gold box with a bow make a perfect last minute "I brought you something special from Dubai"

What to Emirates Lounge at DXB: Don't miss the yummy wasabi crakers by the bar. OMG, yum! Grab a few handfuls on your way in and your way out.

What to ICE: Not ready to commit to a 2 hour serious movie like Gran Torrino? Watch How to Marry a Millionaire, the 1953 classic with Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall as three models of modest means who rent an expensive Manhattan penthouse apartment and pose as women of wealth as part of an elaborate scheme to snare rich husbands. Marilyn at her best. (ICE rocks!!!)

And around the world:

Who to follow on Twitter: The Sartorialist Style at its best. Watch and learn, watch and learn

WTF? Seriously London! What's with all the Ugg boots? Was just there and they are still all over the place. Ladies, please! Cankles never look good.

What to trend: Yellow! Find the perfect shade of sunshine in a handbag or billowy dress and brighten any room. Nothing says summer like sunny yellow hues.

How to prevent (or incite) road rage: keep these handy little signs in your car, but if you live in the UAE you may not want to use"the finger".

What to distract yourself with at work: Simpsonize yourself

What to answer when asked “Do you want anything from Australia?”: “Ya mate, paw paw cream.” Lucas Papaw Ointment is a cure for bruises, burns, cuts, dry skin, insect stings, sunburn, and splinters; as well as carbuncles, whitlow, and tinea if you have those too, whatever they are…

Laughternoon break: this video is from an old Bob Fosse routine from the 60s called "Mexican Breakfast" and has been set to "Walk It Out" by DJ Unk. It is kind of scary how well the two go together. Really, it is all about those moves and killer outfits. Hilarious (via


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