The List- August 6

Summer is flying by, can’t believe we’re a week into August already.
Here is my weekly installment of ‘what to, where to, and how to’. Maybe you’ll find some fresh ideas for how to spend a few days of what's left of summer.

in Dubai...

Where to eat in Karama: Arz Lebanon- good Lebanese food, yummy hummus Beiruiti and don’t miss the spicy khashkhash kebabs. You don’t have to drive all the way to Karama for this place as there are a few locations around Dubai, but you never know when you may be hungry after shopping at Burjuman or buying pashminas and ‘copy watches’ in Karama. Trade Centre Road 04 3964466

Where to eat in Souk Al Bahar: looking for good sushi ? Mix it up and try a place with more than two syllables. Momotaro in Souk Al Bahar is delicious. Don’t miss the fresh sashimi, my favorite the Arctic Roll, and the special green tea served in the coolest little tea pots.

Tired of going out for dinner and spending too much?: eat better at home

What to culture: Dubai Museum if you haven’t visited yet, it’s really worth the trip down to Bur Dubai, yes even in the August weather. What else are you going to do with all your unpaid leave?

What to mall - Dubai Mall: My friend from Hershey Pennsylvania, the chocolate capital of America, pointed out that there are scores of chocolate stores in Dubai Mall. It’s quiet and hot in Dubai right now, go enjoy the AC and go on a Chocolate Safari in Dubai Mall. Let me know what you discover. I’m still a Fuala fan myself…

What to mall- Dragon Mart: with a shortage of real street food variety in Dubai, Dragon Mart offers plenty of interesting choices within 1.5km air conditioned corridor. Don’t miss the saj, the crisp green mango, and soft-serve ice cream. Don’t miss the newly expanded J Section for a great selection of home furnishings.

What to do this weekend: find a house party to crash. There are always parties on L Frond…

Get your groove on (next weekend): get your dancing shoes ready, Sasha and Digweed will be at Skanktuary on August 14th . I know, I know, I hate that place too, but I had the funnest night there with @freespiritsarah as we were serenaded on two separate occasions, and one time it was by an peculiar grey-haired man who was no more than 4ft tall.

Where to spa: Amara Spa at the Park Hyatt is my absolute favorite spa in town. Cross the creek and feel like you’ve gone on a mini-vacation for the day. Check out the summer specials valid until the end of the month.

How to answer -“Do you want anything from Turkey?”:Evet! Please bring me some fresh Turkish Delight (not the pre-packaged stuff); an ornamental backgammon set (lovely, hand-made from wood and embedded mother-of-pearl); and a cute little Nazar Boncugu (evil eye bead) to keep dem haterz away.”

*new* Random act of kindness: Take 5 AED, buy a big bottle of COLD water and some fruit juice, then give it to the poor guy who has to sit/stand around and “guard” your parking lot all day. They are all over Dubai sweating through the summer

and around the globe...

Who to follow on Twitter: ManagementTip- quick, practical management tips and ideas from No one is a natural manager; these tweets will either reinforce that about your current manager, or make you a better one.

WTF?: California Cryobank has added a celebrity look-a-like feature to its donor search function. “CCB Donor Look-a-Likes link directly to photos of the 2-3 celebrities our staff has deemed each donor most closely resembles.” Choose a sperm donor who looks like Ronaldo, John Abraham, JT, or William H Macy- really, you’d choose that for your child? Sorry Felicity, I’m sure he’s a lovely man, talented actor, but not such a looker…

Take a laughternoon break: Thank you @AymanDXB for this hilarious laughternoon break. Egyptian paparazzo in Hollywood Yehya at Night of 100 Stars "boke me, boke me" hahaha

What to read: Watchmen- my dear friend Dhani gave this to me for my birthday last year. It took me a while to get into it, the whole graphic novel thing was new to me, but I have new found respect for the form and I recommend the book. Take time to appreciate the intricacies of the illustrations.

What to podcast: make good use of your commute, listen to enlightening podcasts instead of Lady Gaga and Akon. Our Ocean World is a daily podcast that features news and information about issues related to the ocean, as well as suggestions on how listeners can help preserve our most vital natural resource.

What to plan ahead for: Aren’t you bored of going to London every summer and hanging out at Harrods??? do something meaningful with your holiday next year. Check out Roadmonkey adventure philanthropy expeditions


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hey Lashley great list! keep em coming.

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