The List - July 30


Dubai is really starting to feel empty these days, but there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Watch the weather, there have been some mild evenings in the past week and I even managed to take a long walk one night and solve all the world’s problems, it was lush.

Here’s my take on “what to, where to, and how to” this week:


Where to eat in Satwa: Il Rustico's pizza is some of the best I’ve had in Dubai. Located in the Rydges Plaza Hotel at the big roundabout on Diyafa Street

Where to eat in Al Barsha: This neighborhood is hard to navigate, but there are some hidden dining gems in the tangled streets. My friend PC, who has impeccable food taste, highly recommends Kabab Roll. I coundn’t begin to describe how to actually get there, but if you stumble upon it, give it a try.

What to buffet: Chocolate Buffet in the Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel for 75AED Wed, Thurs, Fri from 6-11pm.

What to culture: The Scene Club is the UAE's first official film club and provides a monthly platform to enjoy independent films. Every month they showcase a non-commercial feature film from around the world and also fly-in their directors to Dubai for their film screening followed by a post-event Q&A session with the audience and media. It's free and includes popcorn and soft drinks.

What to mall – Oasis Center: Remember the mall that “accidentally” burned down in 2005 and was rebuilt along SZR? It’s worth a visit to check out Gourmet Station. This hidden gem for gourmet food lovers offers a wide range of select gourmet products you normally can’t find In Dubai markets; from foie gras and caviar, to marmalades and infused olive oils.

What to get your hands on: there are copies of Bruno floating around Dubai.

Get your groove on: Don’t miss Roni Size at Alpha Club on tonight!!! I’ll be there in my checkered Vans dancin’ my little heart out.

Get your rub on: Yin Yang Massage Center (043444211) in Beach Center on Jumeirah Beach Road (near the zoo) has the some of the best massage prices in town- you can get two full hours for 300AED. Follow it up with dinner downstairs at Sammach. Perfection

Check it out dudes: I’m excited about the potential of this new online men’s mag for the Middle East.

How to answer -“Do you want anything from Oman?”: "Na’am, RC Cola and some frankincense." RC Cola is oddly widely available in Oman. It goes really well with pizza, mmmm.

and around the globe...

Who to follow on Twitter: Lifehacker “Don't live to geek; geek to live.” As a ‘maven’ and a Virgo I’m all about increasing efficiency in one’s life. Lifehacker has a constant stream of good ideas

Great things you find on Twitter: for my muhajaba friends

WTF?: The CEO called it Big Willie? where’s his PR girl? Don’t let him near our phallic icons

Take a laughternoon break: American fast food chains come up with some pretty funny ads. I loved the Burger King paparazzi ads with Brooke Burke- brilliant! This new one from Hardees is hilarious.

What to read: The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal Ben Mezrich's new book about the founders of Facebook. You spend half the day on the site, might as well read this sensational book about its genesis.

What to podcast: This I Believe podcasts feature a different person reading an essay they have written about their most deeply held beliefs. Since its debut in 2005, the This I Believe series has featured essays by Colin Powell, Bill Gates, Gloria Steinem, Muhammad Ali, and many everyday citizens. One of my favorites was this one about the power of literacy; something we who can read this blog probably take for granted.

Weekend jam: just for fun Gettin' Jiggy With It na na na na na na na nana na na na na na....


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