The List- July 15


Anyone know where that greeting comes from? Hints- movie, Sisyphus , falafel- classic.

Anyway, still working working toward more consistent distribution for The List. I'll get it together soon, stick with me.

I am constantly on the lookout for the best tips, suggestions, and commands about living it up in Dubai and elsewhere. So here's what I've got for you this week:

In Dubai

Where to eat in Deira: How could I forget the delicious kebabs from Samad on Muraqqabat Street? My new foodie soul mate @OmarAlfi reminded me of this gem in Deira. Open until 2:30am too. Don’t be afraid of Deira. 04 229 3660

What to culture: Drumming Week at Dragon Mart. FREE traditional Chinese drumming classes 23-25 July at 5pm, 7 pm and 9 pm at the Atrium - main entrance of Dragon Mart – don’t miss the kashkawan saj in Section FA after, yummmmm….

What to mall - MOE: Harvey Nichols, oh wait... no it’s closed... or is it? Did anyone else follow that T-shirt saga on Twitter or bbm?

What to mall- Lamcy Plaza: Sticky, sandy summer weather sends us all the malls in search of sales, “surprises”, and AC. Try Lamcy Plaza on Oud Metha St. in Bur Dubai for a change. A very bizarre vertical open floor plan head straight to Daiso Supermarket for cheap cool Japanese products and then see hunky Bollywood star John Abraham in his latest film ‘New York’ afterwards.

Get your rub on: Atlantis Spa has some amazing summer massage deals. Book two 90 minute massages during the month of July and get 90% off the second one. (60 Minute – 60% off 2nd one but 90 minutes is the way to go) 04-4261020

Get your groove on: table or not Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Boudoir in Dubai Marine will never let you down if you’re in the mood to shake your money maker.

How to answer -“Do you want anything from Tunisia?”: “Oui, please bring me some fresh Tunisian tuna and some gants de hammam (they’re like 500fils).” Tunisian tuna is the best you can get. And the gants de hammam will keep your skin soft all year round.

… and around the globe

What to read – for thought: Wild Thorns- an Arabic novel, that portrays two brothers different perspectives on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. The female author does an incredible job with the narrative and “portrays credibly a troubling spectrum of understandably extreme responses to disenfranchisement and oppression.”

What to read – for fun: The Prince and the Pauper - as I always say, summertime is ‘Mark Twain Time’. Start with this little gem by ‘the father of American literature’. “Out of the theme of switched identities, Mark Twain fashioned both a scathing attack upon social hypocrisy and injustice, and an irresistible comedy imbued with the sense of high-spirited play that belongs to his happiest creative period.” You should be able to pick this up at Borders in the classics sections for 15AED or less.

Anthem of our youth: Fool’s Gold by the Stone Roses

“These boots were made for walking

The Marquis de Sade don’t wear no boots like these”

What to podcast: We inevitably spend lots of time in our cars in Dubai (or LA for that matter) and why suffer through hours of Lady Gaga and those lame Radio DJs when you can use that time to enlighten your mind? I absolutely love the podcast Speaking of Faith. I recommend “The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi” and “The Shia-Sunni Divide” with Vali Nasr- I used to work with this man and he’s brilliant, one of the greatest brains writing about Iran right now.

WTF?: What were these photo editors thinking? Oprah's head on Ann-Margret's body?

Get your nostalgia on: defining moments in our collective consciousness presented by the Fuggers on their 5th birthday (my favorite has to be #6, ahahahahaha, Dawson, ahahahaha)

Take a laughternoon break: A classic from The Onion

Who to follow on Twitter (for Twitter enthusiasts): Tweeterism a blogger who writes about Twitter

Who to follow on Twitter (for fun): Sockington a hilarious tweeting cat who has ¾ of a million followers.

Who to follow on Twitter (Dubai): Modhesh, bio says Yellow and fun! This thing's a real character, no pun intended…

How to tweet better: I really like Tweet Genius better that Twitterberry


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