The List- July 22

He-he-hello peeps,

Another hot weekend is upon us and as the life slowly drains from Dubai your pal Lulu is here to give you some freah ideas for going out or staying in.

in Dubai

Where to eat in Jumeirah 1: Istanbul Flowers next to Safestway (with the giant lobster) is a great spot. Don’t miss the √Źskender kebab and the yummy banana juice

Where to eat in Souk Al Bahar: Mirai joins the ranks of the duo-syllabic Japanese fusion Dubai hotspots. No black cod on the menu, Mirai actually has something different to offer. Head over to Hive after for some great music and a cool crowd.

What to do for a chill weekend: Potluck Brunch - invite the most interesting people you can think of and everyone brings a dish and a bottle of something (great suggestion Ayman)

What to culture: check out the new Islamic art exhibition at Emirates Palace.

Puff-puff-pass: with a cool breeze coming off the Gulf you can honestly still enjoy outside shisha these days. Koubba Bar at Al Qasr is a gorgeous place to smoke some shisha and enjoy the sea breezes.

Get your groove on (next weekend): Legendary drum&bass DJ Roni Size will be spinning at Alpha Club July 30th. I saw him at iBO years ago-one of the best shows EVER.

How to answer -“Do you want anything from Scotland?”: tablet candy or a wee Jimmy *note to AnnaLouise- this is a hat, not what you are giggling about

What to get excited about now: The Dubai World Championship. Golf? Normally I’d say *yawn* but one of finest courses in golf-dom will open soon at Jumeirah Golf Estates, get your J. Lindeberg outfits ready

… and around the globe

What to salad: I know, random; but summer is all about cool crisp salads. From The Minimalist: Mix wedges of tomatoes and peaches, add slivers of red onion, a few red-pepper flakes and chopped cilantro. Dress with olive oil and lime or lemon juice. Astonishing.

What to read: Creation by Gore Vidal Recommended by @OmarAlfi A historical novel chronicling the adventures of an imaginary "Cyrus Spitama", an Achaemenid Persian diplomat of the 5th century BC who travels the known world comparing the political and religious beliefs of various nation states of the time. Along the way he meets influential philosophical figures of his time, including Zoroaster, Socrates, the Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tsu, and Confucius.

What to read – if you’ve already read that: there are some great book lists circulation on Facebook right now look for "15 books that will stick with me"

Weekend anthem: 'Insatiable' by Prince… put together a nice makeout playlist with this Prince classic as your anchor.

What to podcast: I usually advocate podcasts for your commute, but I have so many friends with insomnia I think everyone should have this one handy.

WTF?: speaking of insomnia..."D’you ever lie in bed at night in your lacy, beribboned bustier and bemoan the fact that you just can’t get those cans comfy?” ( hahahahaha

Take a laughternoon break: I just replaced another iPod. It killed me to have to do that again, but I was dying without one. Just caught this Simpsons classic the other day that summed up my exact sentiments about Apple.

Who to follow on Twitter - for political science nerds: Arabist- a blog from Cairo about Arab politics and culture. Interesting insights

*How to Twitter: for those of you who want to try, start here


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